Monday, September 27, 2010

And this is why I can't be bothered with making (new) mom friends...

I have to believe that San Francisco is not the only hotbed for crazy women taking competitive mothering to new heights. You know who I mean: women who are the dysfunctional combination of Head Cheerleader meets Wall Street Tycoon meets Mother Earth. They shun common sense parenting in favor of “techniques” and “philosophies” espoused in every book on child rearing they can get their overzealous hands on.

Often with their bodies, minds and careers in a state of limbo (typically a result of their new role as mom—or even better, stay-at-home-mom) I suppose they have to exert their drive for success somewhere. And so, they live vicariously through their children, passively competing through them and with them. It’s so g*ddamn lame.

One of my fellow mean mom friends shared this video with me. You’ve got to watch; it is so on the money. (If, however, you accidentally found yourself here, but sympathizing with the Turbo Parent I have aforementioned, you might want to log off instead…)

Thank g*d for the friends I’ve already got. If I had to start over, making new BFFs on the playground, I’d stick my finger in my eye.


Teeny said...

I had a conversation like this with a current friend with a 1 year blew me away! I had to take a step back. She lambasted me because I told her I thought it was great that our little man was learning to suck his thumb as it helped him fall asleep easier. She was outraged. She said "you can take a pacifier away but you CAN'T take his thumb away!" I told her where she could stick her thumb...!!

UnicycleRose said...

R u making a comeback in 2011? Miss you!